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Useful contacts

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Pastoral Team
Adam Ainley, Associate Operational Support Lead [email protected]
Andre Bouleau, Senior Year Leader (Year 10) [email protected]
Nicola Thackray, Year Leader (Year 7) [email protected]
Sarah Brown, Year Leader (Year 8) [email protected]
Lisa Kelly, Year Leader (Year 9) [email protected]
Craig Mackay, Year Leader (Year 11) [email protected]
Laura Gurkin, Attendance Officer [email protected]
Alistair Dent, Attendance Officer [email protected]
Clare McCluskey, SENDCO [email protected]
Jo Robinson, Inclusion Co-ordinator [email protected]
Kayleigh Knowles, Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Karleen Kirby, Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Emily Smith, Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Stacey Thomson, Teaching Assistant [email protected]


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